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Curated Art Packages

"Tracilyn's work is so alive and dancing!" Natalie Oliveros

Art in Motion- Enjoy a custom curated art exploration through movement and healing. Package includes 5-10 Yoga Therapy sessions accompanied with a co-creative piece of art for your home. Most designs are large scale and are a tangible representation of your transformative process. A complimentary consultation is included to ensure it fits the clients specific desires.

What you receive:     

Up to Ten 70 minute Yoga Therapy Sessions

Ayurvedic remedies for lifestyle balance and vitality

Two complimentary EFT sessions 

Exciting creative collaboration 

A one of a kind custom piece of art.

*Rate Varies

Book a Complimentary Consultation 

"I think the true mark of Tracilyn as an artist was her ability to take an idea I had, (which I couldn't even fully express) and flesh it out into something very real, and very physical. She understood my vision; I wanted something large, bold, and aggressive. And before I fully understood what we had ventured into I had 5 commissioned pieces, that while different in harmony and congruency have a brilliant cohesiveness. I still have trouble expressing it into words." -Craig Butler

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