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Sound Healing
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Winter Rhythms

EFT Group Synergy &
Yoga Nidra

Saturday March 9th 2-4pm

EFT also known as Emotional Freedom Technique is a tool used to release stored energy and trauma in our bodies on the subconscious level. This is a beginner workshop for anyone who is interested in learning more about this healing modality. EFT can be utilized for anxiety, fears, depression, insomnia, physical pain...and just about anything. Tracilyn holds an Advanced EFT Practitioner certification from the Sophia School of Living Arts. After the session enjoy a guided Yoga Nidra to relax, decompress and allow the body to fully release for a therapeutic night's sleep.  

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with Tracilyn

Limited Space, advance payment required

Text to reserve (702) 677-0386


Women Supporting Women

A Holistic Approach to Managing our Hormones

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with Cindy Gerdes

Holistic Nutritionist, Health Coach
& Yoga Teacher

Saturday February 3rd 10am-12pm

What we need to know to thrive during the transition... Learn how we can best support ourselves and be our own advocate during this stage. Gain an understanding about the lifestyle changes we can make to improve our wellbeing and how our future selves will thank us for it. Join this conversation for an open discussion regarding the 6 pillars for women's health:







Know it's possible to have a seamless transition! You will leave with tools that you can use to help you feel energized and live a long healthy life. 

**All in attendance will receive a 25% discount on a consultant and wellness plan. This workshop is education based, no products are being sold.

All ages welcome.


Limited Space, advanced payment required

text (702) 677-0386

Sound Bath with Serena

Winter 2024

Ease into this winter season with a luxurious sound bath. Don't like regular yoga?...this is for you!Fully relax your body with the vibrations of 7 chakra balancing crystal bowls.  Lie or sit in comfort while you are bathed in healing vibrations transitioning into this new season. Enjoy Art in Motion's blue mood lighting for the ultimate nighttime meditation.

Limited space, advance payment required

Text to reserve (702) 677-0386



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